The woodcut painting given below was created during the time when Indians were beginning to accept the idea of women’s education in the late 19th century.

The woodcut painting - Teachoo.jpg

Which of the following scenarios was the artist MOST LIKELY trying to portray in this art piece?

A. listening to music is the best way to spend one's free time

B. increasing popularity of western idea of marriage

C. challenging the conventional gender roles

D. pleasure being the ultimate goal of life



So, the correct answer is (C): challenging the conventional gender roles


  • The man in the picture is seen playing the veena , and the woman is seen smoking a hookah.
  • The artist's concern that the west's cultural influence has turned the family upside down is depicted in this image.
  • The move towards women’s education in the late 19th century created anxiety about the breakown of traditional family does.
    Thus, option (C) is correct

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