'Agricultural sector and manufacturing sector move hand in hand.'

Justify the above statement with suitable examples.



Answer to be written in exam

  1. The given statement means that agricultural and manufacturing industries are not exclusive of each other and are quite interconnected
  2. Agro-industries in India have given a major boost to agriculture by raising its productivity and efficiency. 
  3. Agriculture provides raw materials to industries such as cotton, jute, silk, woolen  textiles, sugar, edible oil, etc. and industries sell their products such as irrigation pumps, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, PVC pipes, machines, tools, etc to farmers
  4. Manufacturing industries help in modernizing agriculture , which forms the backbone of our economy,
  5. The development and competitiveness of manufacturing industries have not only assisted agriculturalists and farmers in increasing their production but also made the production processes very efficient and far better.
  6. Agro-industries are units that add value to agricultural produce, intermediates, and/or residues by processing or improving storability or by providing links from farms to the market.

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