Country P has recently adopted democracy after a long struggle.

Which of the following outcomes can the citizens of this country DEFINITELY expect due to this change?

A. sharp decrease in poverty in all communities

B. more accountability on part of the government

C. drastic rise in the national income due to sharp economic growth

D. rules and laws to be drafted according to the needs of the majority groups



So, the correct answer is ( B): more accountability on part of the government



  • Democracy ensures that decision making will be based on norms and procedures. So, a citizen who wants to know if a decision was taken through the correct procedures can find this out.
  • Citizen has the right and the means to examine the process of decision making . This is known as transparency .
  • Democratic government develops the mechanisms for citizens to hold government accountable  and mechanism for citizens to take part in decision making.
  • So, the citizens of country P expect more accountability on part of the government.

Thus, option (B): more accountability on part of the government is correct.

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