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Accommodation of social divisions is a crucial aspect of democracy. However, the extent of such accommodation depends on various perspectives of the people, politicians and the government. Briefly explain these factors.



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  1. Accommodation of social divisions from the perspectives of the people - It depends on how people perceive their identities. If people see their identities in singular and exclusive terms, it becomes very difficult to accommodate. It is much easier if the people see that their identities are complementary with their national identity.
  2. Accommodation of social divisions from the perspectives of the politicians - It depends on how political leaders raise the demands of any community. It is easier to accommodate demands that are within the constitutional framework and are not at the cost of another community.
  3. Accommodation of social divisions from the perspectives of the government - It depends on how the government reacts to the demands of different groups. If the rulers are willing to share power and accommodate the reasonable demands of minority communities, social divisions become less threatening for the country.
  4. Resources are to be used judiciously so that they can be replenished . For example,   if trees are cut, they should also be re-planted and allowed to grow.
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