Which of the following shortcomings DEFINITELY exists in democratic regimes?

A. glorification of war

B. sluggish decision making

C. elimination of free market

D. diffusion of aggressive nationalism



So, the correct answer is (B): sluggish decision making



  • (A) glorification of war - The primary goal of the democratic government is to sustain peace and humanity in the country. So, democratic regimes doesnot glory war.
    Thus, this option is incorrect.

  • (B)sluggish decision making - Decisions making in the democratic regimes is very slow and inactive as the democratic government takes more time to follow procedures before arriving at a decision .
    Thus, this option is correct.

  • (C)elimination of free market - In every democratic nations both the consumers and producers have the liberty to understand the mechanism of market. Government can interfere in some extent and can create subsidies, impose taxes and make domestic products more appealing.
    Thus, this option is incorrect.

  • (D)diffusion of aggressive nationalism - Aggressive nationalism in simple terms means a sense of superiority towards one's own nation while hating other countries. Aggressive nationalism doesnot exists in democratic regimes.
    Thus, this option is incorrect.
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