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Class 10
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Science Class 10

Case Base Question

Noor, a young student, was trying to demonstrate some properties of light in her Science project work. She kept ‘X’ inside the box (as shown in the figure) and with the help of a laser pointer made light rays pass through the holes on one side of the box. She had a small butter-paper screen to see the spots of light being cast as they emerged.

Q 56 - Case - trying to demonstrate some properties - Teachoo.jpg

What could be the ‘X’ that she placed inside the box to make the rays behave as shown? 

(A) a converging lens 

(B) a parallel-sided glass block 

(C) a plane mirror 

(D) a triangular prism 


Answer - 

Since Ray coming inside X, and Ray Coming outside X are parallel. 

  • It means that emergent ray is parallel to incident ray
  • This only happens when we use a glass block which has parallel sides.

Angle of incidence is equal to the angle of emergence-01.jpg


So, the correct answer is (b)

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