Solutions - CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2022 Boards - Science [MCQ]

Class 10
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Science Class 10

In a person the tubule part of the nephron is not functioning at all. What will its effect be on urine formation? 

(A) The urine will not be formed. 

(B) Quality and quantity of urine is unaffected. 

(C) Urine is more concentrated. 

(D) Urine is more diluted. 


Answer - 

Structure of a Nephron-01.jpg

In a Nephron

  • The Glomerulus filters the dirty blood containing urea
  • During filtration , the substances like glucose, amino acids, salt, water etc gets passed into the Bowman’s capsule… which then enters the tubule.
  • This filtration contains some useful substances - like glucose, amino acids
  • As well as some waste substances like urea
  • The useful substances are reabsorbed in the blood through blood capillaries surrounding the tubule
  • And the waste substances (and some excess water) remain behind in the tubule.


Thus, if the tubule part is not functioning

  • Urine is more diluted, since it contains both useful and waste substances

So, the correct answer is (d)

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