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Class 10
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Science Class 10

The figure given below shows a schematic plan of blood circulation in humans with labels (i) to (iv). Identify the correct label with its functions? 

Q14 - blood circulation in humans with labels - Teachoo.jpg

(A) (i) Pulmonary vein - takes impure blood from body part. 

(B) (ii) Pulmonary artery - takes blood from lung to heart. 

(C) (iii) Aorta - takes blood from heart to body parts. 

(D) (iv) Vena cava takes - blood from body parts to the right auricle. 


Answer - 

Artboard 1.png


  1. (i) is Pulmonary vein - collects the oxygenated blood and carries it from the lungs back to the heart.

  2. (ii) is Aorta - carries oxygen-rich blood from the left ventricle of the heart to other parts of the body .

  3. (iii) is Pulmonary artery - carry blood from the right ventricle of the heart to the lungs.

  4. (iv) is Vena cava - carries deoxygenated blood from other areas of the body to the heart


Now from the options, only part (d) is correct

So, the correct answer is (d)

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