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Class 10
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Science Class 10

How will you protect yourself from the heat generated while diluting a concentrated acid? 

(A) By adding acid to water with constant stirring. 

(B) By adding water to acid with constant stirring. 

(C) By adding water to acid followed by base. 

(D) By adding base to acid with constant stirring. 


Answer -

Add acids to water and not water to acid-Teachoo.jpg


  • The mixing of water to an acid is  highly exothermic in nature. 
  • If water is added to an  acid it produces a very large amount of heat. This  can break the container and sometimes even causes burning as acids can heat up very quickly. 
  • So it is advised to add concentrated acid  to water in a very slow manner.  


So, the correct answer is (a)  


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