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In the above diagram light is travelling through different media. It is noted by a scientist that ∠1 = ∠3 = ∠4 but ∠2  < ∠1. Which of the following statement would be correct? 

(A) Medium 1 is the denser than medium 3 but it’s density is equal to medium 2. 

(B) Medium 2 is the rarest medium. 

(C) Medium 3 is denser than medium 1. 

(D) Medium 1 and 3 are essentially the same medium, but medium 2 is denser than 1 and 3.


Answer - 

Light refrating to different media-01.jpg


  • A ray of light travelling from a rarer medium to a denser medium slows down and bends towards the normal.
  • When it travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium, it speeds up and bends away from the normal.
    In our case,
  • Since Light bends towards the normal from Medium 1 to 2. Thus, Medium 2 is denser than Medium 1
  • Then, light bends away from the normal from Medium 2 to 3. Thus, Medium 2 is denser than Medium 3
  • Finally, from Medium 3 to 1, the incident ray does not bend at all . Thus, Medium 1 and 3 are the same medium

So, the correct answer is (d)

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