‘‘Crude oil reserves are limited all over the world.  If people continue to extract it at the present rate,  the reserves would last only 35 – 40 years more.’’  Explain any three ways to solve this problem.  

 (OD Set-I, 2019) 


Points to remember 

  1. Use of alternate sources of energy 
  2. Sustainable development of energy resources through organic farming.
  3. Promotion of energy conservation , and rainwater harvesting .

Answer to be written

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  1. Alternate sources of energy that can be used in the present instead of overuse of fossil fuels-
  • Conventional Sources of energy- refer to such sources which are in use since a long period of time. Such sources are non-renewable For eg- coal, petroleum, natural gas , etc.
  • Non-Conventional Sources of energy- refer to such sources which have come into use only in recent times.  For eg- solar energy, wind energy, biogas and tidal power. These are renewable sources of energy

       2.Shift to organic farming - Vegetable and livestock production using natural sources of nutrients (such as compost, crop residue, and manure) and natural methods of crop and weed control, instead of using synthetic or inorganic agrochemicals. 

        3.Rainwater Harvesting for water conservation.

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