Suggest any three ways to improve public  facilities in India. 

 (Board Delhi Set-III, 2020) 


Points to remember 

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  1. Investing in dispensaries , physicians, and nurses.
  2. Increase in the expenditure on health facilities .
  3. Increase in healthcare and e ducational infrastructure .
  4. Health camps , vaccination drives , campaigns, etc.

Answer to be written

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Ways to improve healthcare and public facilities-

  1.  By ensuring easy availability of dispensaries , doctors, and nurses in both urban and rural areas.
  2. The government of India should aim to increase the expenditure of the government in the health sector.   
  3.  Through increasing the number of hospitals, healthcare centers, and family welfare centers especially in rural areas.  
  4.   Organising free camps , polio awareness campaigns , and COVID-19 vaccination drives.

*Write any 3 points 

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