“People have conflicting developmental goals”.  Support the statement with suitable example.  

 (Board Term-I, 2016-17) 



Points to remember

  1. Different people have different notions of a country's development.
  2. Two persons seek things which may be conflicting
  3. For example- building of dams. While on one hand, it is adding to the industrialist’s interest to generate electricity, it is also displacing people off their lands and so they might resent the idea.

Answer to be written

  1. Two persons or groups of persons, at times may seek conflicting things .
  2. What may be developed for one may not be developed for the other . It may even be destructive to others.
  3. For example- 
    • A girl expects as much freedom and opportunity as her brother and that he also shares in the household work . Her brother may not like this.
    • Similarly, to get more electricity , industrialists may want more dams . But, this may submerge the land and disrupt the lives of people who are displaced such as tribals. They might resent this and prefer small check dams to irrigate the land.
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