“Efficient means of transport are prerequisites  for fast development of the country.” Support the  statement with examples.  

(CBSE Delhi Set-I, 2020)



Points to remember 

Efficient means of transport are a pre-requisite for the development of the country because

  1. The raw material is transported to the factories much faster.
  2. End product reaches the market on time to fulfill demand.
  3. Pipelines facilitate crude oil transportation
  4. Easy commutation for the workforce.

We expand on any 3 points from above

Answer to be written:

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Efficient means of transport are prerequisites for fast development of the country in various ways:  

  1. An efficient system of transport not only helps to get raw materials to industries faster, but they also aid in the distribution of finished goods to demand places throughout the country. 
  2. Pipelines also serve the purpose of transporting crude oil and natural gas from companies and refineries.
  3. Commuting for the workforce becomes easier through a proper transport system in place.
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