Which of these statements about national development is TRUE? 

  1. Only countries with a varied population will have high national development. 
  2. Different development goals may be conflicting for a country's development.
  3. Any one attribute can be used to compare the national development of two countries. 
  4. National development can be measured by calculating the total income of the population

(Cbse practice Question paper, Q- 48)


So, the correct answer is (B): Different developmental goals may be conflicting fo a country’s development.


  • Different persons have different notions of development and development goals because life situations of people are different .
  • Two persons or groups of persons, at times may seek conflicting things .
  • What may be developed for one may not be developed for the other . It may even be destructive to others.
  • Construction of dams can be a developmental goal for the industrialist as it produces electricity but at the same time people residing near to dam area have to displace from their villages, So, it not be a development for them .
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