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Describe any five conditions or aspects that you  would consider before accepting a job.


Points to remember

  1. Presence of family members, friends and relatives.  
  2. Good working atmosphere at the office. 
  3. An opportunity to learn.   
  4. A position of self-respect in the family.  
  5. A safe and secure environment.

Any 5 points can be written in the exam.

Answer to be written in the exam

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In addition to income, one would strive to take into account other factors like 

  1.  Clean living environment- A suitable home and neighborhood to live in, good educational facilities, and proper medical facilities should all be available.
  2.  Job security- One's sense of independence and security will be reduced by a job that pays well but offers no job stability. 
  3. Opportunity to learn: In order to prevent boredom or professional stagnation, there should be a chance for personal career advancement. 
  4. Working environment- Working atmosphere needs to be cooperative and healthy. 
  5. Equality- It is important for there to be a strong sense of teamwork, mentorship, and an equitable system in place of work.

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