How is it that the average person in Haryana has  more income than the average person in Kerala but  it lags behind in many other crucial areas? Explain.  

 (Board Term-I, 2016-17) 


Answer to be written in Exam 

Comparative data on Haryana, kerala & Bihar- Teachoo.png

  1. Kerala has a lower infant mortality rate than Haryana.
  2. Kerala has a higher literacy rate and net attendance ratio than Haryana.
  3. Literate people in Kerala also have high earning capacity so they can afford basic necessities for their children.
  4. It shows Kerala has the adequate provision of basic health and education facilities, availability of a clean environment , and a strong PDS system .
  5. It, therefore, indicates a high level of human development in Kerala compared to Haryana, in spite of a lower per capita income .
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