Besides income, what can be the other attributes  to compare economic development?


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Non-economic indicators or attributes are used to compare economic development of a country other than income-

  1. Infant Mortality Rate
  2. Net Attendance Ratio
  3. Literacy Rate
  4. Life expectancy
  5. Body Mass Index

Answer to be written

Non Income attributes are the basis of comparison through which economic development of different states or countries is measured in terms of health, lit eracy, and other income aspects .

1.Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)

    • Indicates the number of children that die before the age of one year as a proportion of 1000 live children born in that particular year.
    • Lower IMR indicates better medical and child care facilities , better availability of food, a clean living environment, etc.

2.Net Attendance Ratio (NAR) 

    • Refers to the total number of children in the a ge group 14 and 15 years attending school as a percentage of the total number of children in the same age group. 
    • Higher NAR shows the provision of better education facilities.

3.Literacy Rate

    • Measures the proportion of the literate population in the 7 and above age group. 
    • Higher Literacy rate implies people can undertake better job opportunities.

4.Life expectancy at birth

    • Life Expectancy at birth denotes, as the name suggests, average expected length of life of a person at the time of birth. 
    • This is also an indicator of  available health facilities.  
    • Low life expectancy will  be a hindrance to economic development.

5.Body Mass Index (BMI)

    • It is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. 
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