What is meant by economic development?  What are the two bases of measuring economic  development of a country?  

 (Board Term-I, 2015-16) 



Points to Remember 

  1. Economic development is the growth led by implementing technological and institutional changes in a nation's economy.
  2. Two bases to measure economic development-
    • National or the Total Income
    • Average or the Per Capita Income

Answer to be written

Calculation of income per capita - Teachoo.png

  1. When a country transitions from a low-income (poor) economy to a high-income (rich) one, it has experienced economic progress. Greater economic development results from higher living standards.
  2. Adoption of new technology , the shift from an agricultural to an industrial economy , and improvements in way of life are all examples of economic development.

Two bases of measuring development of a country are: 

  1. National Income- Means the total income earned by the residents of a country during a particular year.
  2. Per Capita Income- It is the average income of people of a country during a particular year. It is obtained by dividing the total income of a country by its population.
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