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  • Vinoba Bhave was declared as Mahatma Gandhi's spiritual heir.
  • He participated in Satyagraha and was a follower of Gandhi's concept of gram swarajya.
  • After Gandhi's death, Vinoba Bhave undertook a padyatra to spread Gandhi's message across India.
  • In Pochampalli , some poor landless villagers demanded land for their economic well-being, and Vinoba Bhave suggested cooperative farming to the government as a solution.
  • Shri Ram Chandra Reddy stood up and offered 80 acres of land to be distributed among 80 landless villagers, which was known as 'Bhoodan'.
  • Later, Vinoba Bhave traveled and introduced his ideas widely all over India, and some zamindars offered to distribute some villages among the landless, known as Gramdan.
  • This movement initiated by Vinoba Bhave is known as the Bhoodan-Gramdan movement or the Blood-less Revolution.
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