Depending on the characteristics of the physical environment , technical advancements , and sociocultural customs , cultivation techniques have varied substantially over the years.

The types of farming vary from subsistence to commercial farming.

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Primitive Subsistence Farming

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  • Primitive Subsistence Farming is the traditional way of farming .
  • In this type of farming, farmers produce crops for their own consumption .
  • Practiced on small patches of the land with the help of traditional tools.
  • Traditional tools   -  hoe, dao, digging sticks, and sickle.
  • This style of farming is relian t on the monsoon, soil fertility, and environmental factors.
  • Known as shifting cultivation or slash and burn cultivation .
  • To feed their families, farmers clear a plot of land and grow crops.
  • When the soil fertility decline , the farmers shift and clear a fresh patch of land
  • This helps to restore soil fertility.
  • Land productivity is low as the farmer doesn't use modern inputs.
  • Different regions of the country have different names for slash and burn cultivation .




North Eastern States of India 




Mexico and  Central America






Intensive Subsistence Farming

  • Intensive Subsistence farming is practiced in the areas of high population pressure on land .
  • It is a Labour intensive farming.
  • High amounts of biochemical inputs and irrigation are used to increase yield .
  • Right of inheritance results in the split of land among succeeding generations and has made land-holding size uneconomical .
  • Agriculture land is under a great deal of pressure. 

Commercial Farming

  • This type of farming uses modern inputs , such as high-yielding variety (HYV) seeds, c hemical fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides.
  • This will foster crop productivity .
  • Plantation is also a type of commercial farming.


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  • In this kind of farming a single crop is cultivated over a large region  
  • With the aid of migrant laborers , plantations use capital-intensive inputs to cover enormous areas of land.
  • A well-developed network of transportation and communication linking the plantation lands , processing companies, and marketplaces plays a crucial role in the growth of plantations 
  • Examples: Tea in Assam and Coffee in Karnataka 


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