Match the following:

Column A Column B
(i) Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra (A) Apples, Pears, walnuts and Apricots
(ii) Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka (B) Oranges
(iii) Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir (C) Mangoes
(iv) Nagpur and Meghalaya (D) Bananas


  • (A) (i)-(B), (ii)-(C), (iii)-(D), (iv)-(A)
  • (B) (i)-(D), (ii)-(C), (iii)-(B), (iv)-(A)
  • (C) (i)-(C), (ii)-(D), (iii)-(A), (iv)-(B)
  • (D) (i)-(A), (ii)-(B), (iii)-(C), (iv)-(D)



So, the correct answer is (C) : (i)-(C), (ii)-(D), (iii)-(A), (iv)-(B) 


  • In states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh cultivation of mangoes is well known. Thus (i) matches with (C).
  • In Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka cultivation of  Bananas is well known. Thus (ii)matches with (D).
  • In Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir cultivation of apples , pears , walnuts and apricots is well known. Thus, (iii)matches with (A)
  • States like Nagpur and Meghalaya cultivation of oranges is well known Thus (iv)matches with (B) 
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