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The Silk Routes were important trade routes in the pre-modern world, connecting which regions?

  1. Asia and Europe

  2. Africa and South America

  3. North America and Australia

  4. Antarctica and Asia


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So, the correct answer is (A): Asia and Europe

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Let’s check all the options

  • Option (A) Asia and Europe - The Silk Routes were a network of trade and cultural links that connected various regions of Asia and Europe. They were named after the West-bound Chinese silk cargoes that were highly valued in Europe. They also facilitated the exchange of other goods, such as spices, textiles, pottery, metals, etc., as well as ideas, religions, languages, technologies, etc. So, this is correct.


  • Option (B) Africa and South America - The Silk Routes did not connect Africa and South America. These regions were largely isolated from the rest of the world until the fifteenth century, when European sailors discovered new sea routes to them. So, this is incorrect


  • Option (C) North America and Australia - The Silk Routes did not connect North America and Australia. These regions were also largely isolated from the rest of the world until the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, respectively when European explorers and colonizers reached them. So, this is incorrect.


  • Option (D) Antarctica and Asia - The Silk Routes did not connect Antarctica and Asia. Antarctica was unknown to the pre-modern world until the nineteenth century, when it was first sighted by European expeditions. So, this is incorrect.

Thus, option (A) is correct

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