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What is the correct chronological order of the following events related to the Greek war of Independence? 

(i)The Treaty of Constantinople recognized Greece as an independent nation

(ii) France had a liberal revolution that inspired Belgium and Greece. 

(iii) The English poet Lord Byron joined the Greek fighters and died of fever

(iv) The Greek nationalists began their struggle for freedom with the support of other Europeans


(A) (iv) - (ii) -(iii) - (i)

(B) (ii) - (iv) - (i) - (iii)

(C) (iii) - (ii) - (iv) - (i)

(D) (iv) - (iii) - (ii) - (i)

Answer by Student

So, the correct answer is (D): (iv) - (iii) - (ii) - (i)

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