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An organic compound ‘P’ is a constituent of wine. ‘P’ on reacting with acidified K 2 Cr 2 O 7 forms another compound ‘Q’. When a piece of sodium is added to ‘Q’ a gas ‘R’ evolves which burns with a pop sound. Identify P, Q and R and write the chemical equations of the reactions involved.



  • P i.e. ethanol is a constituent of wine.
  • On reaction with K 2 Cr 2 O 7 which is an oxidizing agent, it forms ethanoic acid.

Reaction of Ethanol with Oxidizing Agent - Teachoo.png

  • Ethanoic acid reacts with NaOH which is a base to give sodium salt of ethanoic acid and water.

Reaction of Ethanoic acid with Sodium hydroxide - Teachoo.png


  • P: Ethanol
  • Q: Ethanoic acid
  • R : Sodium salt of ethanoic acid  


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Reaction of Ethanoic acid with Sodium hydroxide CH3COOH Ethanoic acid NaOH Sodium hydroxide CH3COONa Sodium ethanoate H2O Water

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