Explain the following:

(i) CH 3 COOH is a weak acid.

(ii) Propene undergoes addition reaction.

(iii) The gas stoves have inlets for air.




Strong acids completely dissociate in water. Whereas, weak acids do not completely dissociate in water.

CH 3 COOH i.e. acetic acid does not dissociate completely in water to give free H + , therefore, it is a weak acid.

2. Addition reaction is the one in which atoms are added over double or triple bonds . Propene is an alkene and has a double bond between 2 C atoms. So, it can undergo addition reaction.

Structure of Propene - Teachoo.png

3. Inlets of air are provided in the gas stove so as to ensure that sufficient supply of oxygen is present so complete combustion can take place.

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