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What is an oxidising agent? What happens when an oxidising agent is added to propanol? Explain with the help of a chemical equation.



Oxidising agents are those which themselves undergo reduction inorder to oxidise other compounds


Example of an Oxidation reaction - Teachoo.png

In the reaction given above, O 2 undergoes reduction and becomes H 2 O and the oxygen atom from O 2 oxidises NH 3 to form NO.

When an oxidising agent is added to propanol, it gets oxidised to propanoic acid and the following reaction is what takes place:

Reaction of Propanol with Oxidizing agent - Teachoo.png

Here, Alkaline KMnO 4 and Acidified K 2 Cr 2 O 7 are the oxidising agents.

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Example of an Oxidation reaction Oxidation Reducing agent Oxidising agent Reduction 4NH3 5O2 4NO 6H2O Reaction of Ethanol with Oxidizing Agent Alkaline KMNO4 + Heat Or Acidified K2Cr2O7 + Heat Oxygen (From the oxidizing agent) Ethanol Ethanoic acid Water

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