Evaporation is used to separate solid substances which are dissolved in liquid. We heat solution until the solvent gets evaporated.

Let's look at the process of separating  Dye from Ink

Method of Evaporation for separating dye ink from blue / black ink.

Ink is a mixture of water and dye

Dye can be separated from water by evaporation.

Procedure to Obtain Dye from Ink by Evaporation

  1. Take a watch glass with some ink on it
  2. Now take a beaker with water
  3. Place the glass watch on the mouth of the beaker
  4. Start heating the beaker
  5. When the beaker gets heated, the ink in the watch glass on the beaker also gets heated.

We see that water in ink gets evaporated

However, dye remain as residue on watch glass


By the above procedure, we can see that ink is a mixture of dye and water.

Thus, we can separate a non-volatile component / solute (dye) from a volatile component / solvent (water)  by the method of evaporation.

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