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Some properties are


  • They are formed by mixing of 2 or more substances. ( These may be elements or compounds)
    For example : Lemonade is made by mixing lemon juice, water and sugar.



  • The substances are not chemically combined in a mixture
    For example: Let us consider the water and sugar in the lemonade. The molecules are merely present in the solution without forming bonds. 


  • A mixture has variable composition (Ratio of 2 or more substances may not be the same)
    For example: The amount of lemon extract, sugar, water can vary while making the lemonade. Though the ratio of ingredients varies, the mixture remains lemonade.

  • A mixture shows properties of substances it is made up of ( constituent substances)
    For example : Sugar which is a sweet substance, and on being added to lemon juice.. it makes the mixture sweet


  • Different Elements of Mixtures can be separated by Physical methods (like Filtration, Sublimation, Evaporation etc.)
    For Example : We can separate sugar from lemon water using Distillation
    Distillation - Teachoo.png

Example 1

  • If we put salt in water , it is a mixture
  • It does not form a new substance chemically.
  • It is possible to separate salt from water by using physical methods like evaporation.


Example 2

  • Air is a mixture of different gases like Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen etc.
  • It is possible to separate these different gases by using physical methods


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