Different Methods of Separating Particles of Mixture


Heterogenous mixtures can be separated easily by simple physical methods like handpicking, sieving, filtration etc. as the constituent substances can be easily distinguished.


Methods of separating different components of mixture depends upon the type of mixture.


Method used are different for different types of mixture as shown below;



Method Used

Example of Type of Mixture 


Separating stone from pulses


Filter paper is used to separate sand from water


Separate gravel from sand


Separate husk from grain


It is used to salt from water


It is used to separate cream or fat from milk

Separating Funnel

It is used to separate 2 immiscible liquids like oil and water


It is used to separate sublimable substance from non-sublimable substance like camphor from salt


It is used to separate solutes which dissolve in same solvent like different color of ink


It is used to separate acetone from water

Fractional Distillation

It is used to refine crude oil (convert crude oil into different components like petrol,diesel,kerosene)



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