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We make a solution by dissolving solute to the solvent. But, there will come a point when the solute stops dissolving dissolving more solute.

That's when we have a Saturated Solution , but what about Unsaturated Solution?


Unsaturated Solution is the solution before Saturation. Let's define it formally

What is Unsaturated Solution?

A solution in which more solute can be dissolved without raising temperature is called unsaturated solution.

  • That is, if the amount of solute contained in a solution is less than the saturation level , it is called an unsaturated solution.


Solubility of Salt is 36gm (at 20 degree celsius)

  • If we mix 30 gm of salt in 100 gm of water, it is an unsaturated solution.
  • We can still mix 6 grams more of salt without increasing the temperature


How to test if it is Saturated or Unsaturated Solution?

Let's add some solute to the solvent, and stir it. If it dissolves, we continue adding more and more solvent, and keep on stirring it until it stops dissolving. 

  • If more solute doesn't dissolve on stirring , it is a Saturated Solution
  • But, if more solute dissolves on stirring, it is an Unsaturated Solutions


Now, let's check the Difference between Saturated and Unsaturated Solutions


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