Meaning of Pure

  • In Common Language Pure means having no adulteration (or impurities)

  • In Science , word pure has a different meaning
    It means, the substance has a single type of particle.


Hence, Mixture (a substance having more than one particle) is not called a Pure substance.


Example: -

A glass of water may look pure (as it does not have dirt in it)

But it actually is not pure as it is a mixture of water as well as different minerals and microorganisms in it


Difference between Pure Substances and Mixtures



Pure Substances


They are made up of only one type of particle.

They are made up of more than 1 type of Particles.


  1. Salt
  2. Sugar
  3. Oxygen
  4. H 2 O (Water)


  1. Salt Solution is a mixture of Salt and Water
  2. Sugar Solution is a mixture of Sugar and Water
  3. Air is a mixture of different gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
  4. Sea Water is a mixture of Water, Salt, Minerals as well as microorganisms

They can be further classified into elements and compounds

They can be further classified into homogeneous mixture and heterogeneous mixture


Let's learn them one by one


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  2. Chapter 2 Class 9 - Is Matter Around Us Pure

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