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Sublimation is used to separate a mixture of Solid and a Solid

What is Sublimation?

It is a process where a solid directly converts into its gas phase without going into liquid state .



  • Solids like Ammonium chloride, Naphthalene,Camphor and Anthracene undergo Sublimation.
  • When we heat them they convert directly into gases without first converting into liquid

Hence, to separate a mixture having a sublimable and non-sublimable component , we use the method of sublimation.


How to Separate a Mixture of Salt and Camphor?

In a mixture of Salt and Camphor,



  • Sublimes on heating
  • Hence it is a sublimable component


Common salt (Sodium Chloride) 

  • Does not undergo sublimation
  • It is a non sublimable component.


  1. Take a mixture of salt and camphor in a china dish
  2. Place an inverted funnel over it
  3. Close the end of the funnel with a cotton plug
  4. Now heat the mixture

On heating , camphor undergoes sublimation (converts into vapours)

These vapors solidify again on the surface of the funnel

However salt does not undergo sublimation and remains on the china dish

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