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What is a Solution?

It is a homogeneous mixture of 2 or more substances



  • If we dissolve salt in water , it forms a solution
  • Here, Salt and Water are called components of the solution
  • Water is called Solvent and Salt is called Solute of a solution


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Properties of a Solution

  • It is Homogeneous Mixture -
    It is a mixture in which different substances are completely and uniformly mixed together , it is difficult to distinguish different substances from each other.


  • Particles of the solution are very small - 
    They are less than 1 nm (10 -9 meter) in diameter. These are so small that they can't be seen by naked eyes


  • Particles of Solution do not scatter a beam of light -
    If light passes through a solution, the particles of the solution don't scatter it; they do not show Tyndall Effect.


  • Solute Particles cannot be separated by filtration -
    Solute particles do not settle down. Hence, we can't use filter to separate them


Is Solution only of One Liquid and One Solid?


Solution can contain any state of matter

  • Gas in Liquid Solution - Aerated Drinks (Cold drinks) contain carbon dioxide (gas) as solute and flavoured water (liquid) as solvent


  • Liquid in Liquid Solution - Ethyl Alcohol in Water


  • Gas in Gas Solution - Air is also a solution . Main components are Nitrogen and Oxygen ( Other components are present in lesser quantities)


  • Solid in Liquid Solution
    • Solution of Salt in Water (Water is solvent, Salt is solute)
    • Solution of Sugar in Water (Water is solvent, Sugar is solute)
    • Solution of Iodine in Alcohol (Alcohol is solvent,Iodine is Solute) - Also called tincture of Iodine

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