• Mixtures are formed by mixing of 2 or more substances  
  • These may be elements or compounds
  • A mixture has variable composition ; the ratio of 2 or more substances may not be same
  • A mixture shows properties of constituent substances  

Example : Sugar in water is a mixture. We can add any amount of sugar in a glass of water, and call the resultant a mixture. 

The amount of either of the things doesn't matter.

The property of the mixture is the same as that of the constituents sugar and water.


Different Elements of Mixture can be separated by Physical methods



Activity to Show Preparation of a Mixture

  • Take some Iron filings and Sulphur powder
  • Mix and crush them
  • Bring a magnet near the mixture
  • We see that Iron fillings get attracted to it


This means that it is a mixture as it still shows properties of Iron (to be attracted by a magnet)

Also, the mixture can be separated using physical methods like magnetic separation .


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