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  • Mixtures are formed by mixing of 2 or more substances without chemical combination
  • These substances may be elements or compounds
  • A mixture has variable composition ; the ratio of 2 or more substances may not be same
  • A mixture shows properties of constituent substances  


Example : Sugar in Water is a mixture, Air is mixture of Oxygen, Nitrogen


  • Sugar in water is a mixture. We can add any amount of sugar in a glass of water, and call the resultant a mixture. 
  • The amount of either of the things doesn't matter.
  • The property of the mixture is the same as that of the constituents sugar and water.


Activity to Show Preparation (and Properties) of a Mixture

  • Take some Iron filings and Sand
  • Mix and crush them
  • Bring a magnet near the mixture
  • We see that Iron fillings get attracted to it


This means that it is a mixture as it still shows properties of Iron (to be attracted by a magnet)

Also, the mixture can be separated using physical methods like magnetic separation .

Separating iron filings from sand using a magnet - Teachoo.png



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