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Separating Funnel is used to separate two immiscible liquids. 

What are immiscible liquids?

We know that,

  • Immiscible liquids are those liquids which do not mix together and form different layers
  • These layers are separated by using separating funnel

Principle : The immiscible liquids separate out in layers because of difference in their densities .

How to separate a mixture of Kerosene and Water by Using Separating Funnel?

  1. Take a separating funnel
  2. Fill it with Mixture of Kerosene Oil And Water
  3. Allow it to settle for sometime by keeping it undisturbed
  4. After some time, we see two separate layers of the liquids clearly
    Water moves down while kerosene oil moves up (this is because water is heavier/denser than kerosene oil)

  5. We open stopcock of the separating funnel Water at the bottom flows into separate beaker
  6. When all water flows out, we close stop cock Only kerosene is left in separating funnel



Uses  of Separating Funnel Technique

  • It is used to separate Oil and Water or Kerosene and Water
    (Oil being lighter move up, Water being heavy moves down)


  • It is used in Extraction of Iron Ore
    (When iron is melted, lighter slag stays at top while molten iron deposits at the bottom)

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