Animals are reared on a large scale,it is called animal husbandry

They have to be given proper food and water.

Also they have to be given shelter to protect them from wild animals as well as harsh weather

All these are part of animal husbandry


Definition of Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is a branch of agriculture which deals with Feeding,shelter,health and breeding of domestic animals

It Includes the following

  • Proper Feeding of Animals (Giving them proper food)
  • Proper Shelter of Animals (Giving Them Place to Live)
  • Preventing and Curing Animal Disease (Giving Them Vaccinations)
  • Proper Breeding of Animals (Helping them Reproduce)

How is Animal Husbandry Done?

It is done on Small Scale in Rural home of villages

It is done on large scale in Dairy Farms



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