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What is Preparing of Soil.?

This is the first step in agriculture

It means Preparing Soil for Sowing Seeds


It involves the following steps

  • Ploughing Soil
    It means turning the soil and loosening it.
  • Levelling Soil
    It is done so that top soil is not blown away by wind
  • Manuring Soil
    Sometimes manures are added to increase fertility of soil

Why is Ploughing of Soil done?


Why is soil loosened or turned?

Roots of Plant can penetrate inside(go inside) soil easily

Also soil which is rich in nutrients can come up so that plant can use it

Loosening of soil help in growth of earthworms.Earthworm are friends of farmers.They help in adding humus to soil


What is Humus?

Dead Plants  are eaten by microorganisms and earthworms .Their  nutrients are released in soil when these plants are decomposed.

This is called humus


What is Tilling or Ploughing? How it is done?

The process of loosening and turning of the soil is called tilling or ploughing

It is done by using one of following methods

  • Plough
  • Hoe
  • Cultivator(Tractor)


It is used with the help of bull

It is triangular in shape and has 3 parts

  1. Beam - It is placed on bulls neck
  2. PloughShare - It is strong triangular iron strip
  3. Plough Shaft - It is long log of wood which actually helps in ploughing



It is simple has long rod of wood and iron blade

It is also pulled by animals

It is also  used for removing weeds and loosening the soil. 




Nowadays,ploughing is also done by tractors.This saves time and labour

Cultivator (Tractor).jpg



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Preparation of soil

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