What are Weeds?

Undesirable Plants which grow along with the main plants are called weeds

Example -  Wild Oat,Grass, Amaranthas

Why are weeds harmful?

They are harmful because they consume water,nutrient,space and light which are meant for crops


What is Weeding?

Removal of Weeds is called weeding. It is done because these weeds compete with main plants for water, nutrient, space and light

Weeding is done by following methods

  • Using chemicals called weedicides
  • Removing Weeds by Hands
  • Removing Weeds by Khurpi



What are weedicides?

Chemicals used to kill weeds is called Weedicides

Example - 2,4D

How should Weedicides be Sprayed?

They are diluted(mixed) with water

They are sprayed on weeds

Their spraying affects health of farmers, so farmers use piece of cloth before spraying them

Spraying Weedicide.jpg



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