If Farmers grow crop again and again in same field,what will happen?

Plants and Crops require nutrients to grow,

If we grow crop again and again in same field, soil will become poor in nutrients.

So we need to add Manures and Fertilizers to add nutrients in the soil so that plants can grow properly,


What are Manures and Fertilizers?


They are natural substance.

They are obtained by decomposition of plants and animal wastes

This decomposition is done by microorganisms.


Farmers store plants and animal waste in pits

These are decomposed in few days by microorganisms

This decomposed matter is added in soil

This gives essential nutrients to soil and make soil fertile.


They are prepared in factories(They are manmade,not natural)

They are rich in particular nutrient like Urea,ammonium,sulphate,phosphate etc


What are harmful effects of using fertilizers?

Too much use of fertilizers make soil infertile

They lead to water pollution


What is the Difference between Manures and Fertilizers?

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What are Advantages of Manures over Fertilizers?

It increase water holding capacity of soil(soil is able to retain more water)

Soil becomes porous(gases are able to pass through soil)

It helps in growth of friendly microorganisms(microbes)

it improves texture of soil

It does not cause water pollution like fertilizers



What is Crop Rotation?

It is a agriculture practice in which

Different types of crops are grown alternatively in same fied or soil


In North India,Legumes(Plants having pods like peas,beans) are grown in one season and Wheat is grown in other season

Why is Crop Rotation Done?

It helps in replenishing soil with nutrients (adding nutrients to soil)

Examples Rhizobium bacteria present in the nodules of roots of leguminous plants helps in fixing atmospheric nitrogen.

Less Nitrogenous Fertilizer is required to be added to the soil(as it is provided by legumes)




NCERT Question 2 - Match items in column A with those in column B



(i) Kharif crops

(a) Food for cattle

(ii) Rabi crops

(b) Urea and superphosphate

(iii) Chemical fertilisers

(c) Animal excreta, cow dung urine and plant  waste

(iv) Organic manure

(d) Wheat, gram, pea


(e) Paddy and maize

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NCERT Question 8 -   Explain how soil gets affected by the continuous plantation of crops in a field.

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