Why food grains need to be dried before storing?

They are dried to reduce moisture in them

This prevents attack by microorganisms like bacteria and fungi(these microorganisms grow more in case of moisture)



How are food grains stored?

They are stored in

Small Quantities

It can be stored at Home-Dried Neem leaves are used to store them,some farmers store them in jute bags or metallic bins.

Large Quantity  

They are stored in 2 ways 

  • Granaries    
  • Silos



Grains are put in gunny bags with their mouth stitched,these gunny bags are kept one over the other in the granaries.

Pesticides are spread on the gunny bags from time to time to protect them from being destroyed.

Advantage of gunny bag is that the food grains can be easily transported from one place to another





Silos are big and tall cylindrical structures.

They have an inbuilt arrangement of protecting the grains from pests.



Food Corporation of India(FCI)

Government Agency(FCI) buys grains from the farmers and store them in big godowns so that they can supply the grains throughout the country.


NCERT Question 11 (2) - Complete the following word puzzle with the help of clues given below

Keeping crop grains for a long time under proper conditions.

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