For Producing Crops, following Steps(Practices) are required



  • Preparation of soil
    It means ploughing soil and loosening it


  • Sowing
    It means  putting or scattering seeds in soil


  • Adding manure and fertilisers
    Fertilizers and Manures are added to increase soil fertility


  • Irrigation
    It is the process of supplying water to plants at regular intervals


  • Protecting from weeds
    Undesirable Plants which grow along with the main plants are called weeds
    Removal of Weeds is called Weeding.


  • Harvesting
    Cutting of crop after it is matured is called Harvesting
  • Storage
    It means drying crop and then storing it for sale


Let's study these one by one in detail



NCERT Question 1 (b) - Select the correct word from the following list and fill in the blanks.

float, water, crop, nutrients, preparation

The first step before growing crops is _____________ of the soil

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NCERT Question 10 -Arrange the following boxes in proper order to make a flow chart of sugarcane crop production

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