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Explain the measures taken by Gandhiji to eliminate the problem of untouchability.



Points to Remember 

  1. Congress ignored the dalits.  Gandhiji c alled the ‘untouchable’ Harijan or children of God .
  2. Satyagraha to secure their entry into temples.
  3. Gandhiji himself cleaned toilets
  4. swaraj would not come for a hundred years if untouchability was not eliminated .
  5. Persuaded upper castes to change their heart.

Answer to be written in the exam

  1. Congress for a long time had ignored the Dalits , for fear of offending the Sanatanis , the conservative high-caste Hindus . Gandhiji called the ‘untouchable’ Harijan , or the children of God .
  2. He Organised Satyagraha to secure them entry into temples , and access to public wells , tanks, roads and schools.
  3. He himself cleaned toilets to dignify the work of the Bhangi (the sweepers)
  4. Mahatma Gandhi declared that swaraj would not come for a hundred years if untouchability was not eliminated.
  5. He persuades the upper castes to change their heart and give up the sin of untouchability.

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