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How did Non-Cooperation Movement start with participation of middle class people in the cities? Explain its impact on the economic front.



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The boycott offoreign cloth Foreign cloth - Teachoo.jpg

  1. students left schools and colleges, and headmasters and teachers resigned.
  2. Council elections were boycotted except in Madras.
  3. Foreign clothes burnt . Import of foreign cloth halved between 1921 and 1922
  4. Refused to trade in foreign goods
  5. Indian textiles and Handlooms went up.

Answer to be written in the exam

The movement started with middle-class participation in the cities .

  1. Thousands of students left government -controlled schools and colleges and headmasters and teachers also resigned from their position.
  2. The council elections were boycotted in most of the provinces except Madras , where the Justice Party , the party of the non-brahmans , felt that entering the council was one way of gaining some power - something that only Brahmans had access to.
  3. Foreign clothes were burnt in the bonfire. The import of f oreign cloth halved between 1921 and 1922 , dropping value from Rs 102 crores to Rs 57 crore .
  4. Merchants and traders refused to trade in foreign goods to show their support in the non - cooperation movement.
  5. People began discarding imported clothes and wearing only Indian ones. Production o f Indian textiles and Handlooms went up.

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