Why was the ‘Salt March’ considered an effective symbol of resistance against Colonialism? Explain.



Points to Remember

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  1. Salt a powerful symbo
  2. Letter to viceroy Irwin stating eleven demands .
  3. Wide-ranging demands of all classes
  4.  The oppressive face of British rule.
  5. Abolish the salt tax.

Answer to be written in exam

  1. Mahatma Gandhi found salt a powerful symbo l that could unite the nation as it is the most essential food item and consumed by all sections of the society.  
  2. On 31st January 1930, he sent a letter to Viceroy  Irwin stating eleven demands. 
  3.  The idea was to make the demands wide-ranging , so that all classes within Indian society could identify with them and everyone could be brought together in a united campaign .
  4. The tax on salt and the government monopoly over its production , Mahatma Gandhi revealed the most oppressive face of British rule .
  5. The most stirring of all was the demand to abolish the salt tax.
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