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How did Colonial Government repress the Civil Disobedience Movement? Explain.



Points to Remember


  1. Arresting the Congress leaders
  2. Abdul Gaffar Khan was arrested
  3. Mahatma Gandhi was himself arrested
  4. the government responded with brutal repression.
  5. Peaceful Satyagrahis were attacked

Answer to be written in the exam

  1. The colonial government began arresting the congress leaders one by one. This led to violent clashes in many places. 
  2. Abdul Gaffar Khan , a devout disciple of Mahatma Gandhi , was arrested in April 1930, angry crowds demonstrated in the streets of Peshawa r, facing armoured cars and police firing
  3. A month later Mahatma Gandhi was himself arrested , industrial workers in Sholapur attacked police posts , municipal buildings, law courts and railway stations - all structures that symbolised British rule .
  4. A frightened government responded with the policy of brutal repression.
  5. Peaceful Satyagrahis were attacked , women and children were beaten and about 100,00 people were arrested .

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