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The History part of Social Science, as the name suggests, contains stories from the past that will help you understand how the civilisation of humans has developed over the due course of time. In each class, 6th to 10th, you are going to learn about different periods of time which includes mediaeval history, modern history etc.

In Class X, the focus will be on modern history. The book India and the Contemporary World II - will help you learn about the revolutions that took place in various parts of the world, that helped many countries come out of oppression and you will learn about how the countries managed themselves after coming out of such oppression.

In Section I, you will start by learning about the nationalist movements across Europe and India and will find about various eminent personalities who were responsible for these movements. After these countries, a lot of other countries took inspiration from them and started their freedom struggle.

In Section II, you will learn about the economic activities that helped the countries shape their economy. This section will teach you about the sources of livelihood and the Industrial Revolution that took place in many parts of the world.

Finally, in Section III, you will learn about the print culture and the sources of media that were used to spread information in the modern world.

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