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How had the printing press created a new culture of reading in Europe?

Answer :

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Points to remember :

  •  Access to books created a new culture of  reading. 
  • Literacy rate became as high as 60-80% in a lot of parts in Europe.
  • New forms of literature like chapbooks developed.
  • Now the books were less expensive and could be produced in sufficient number.
  • People began interested in reading about reason,science and rationality.

Answer to be written in the exam :

Increase in literacy rate: 

  • By the end of the 18th century, literacy rate was as high as 60  to 80 %   in several parts of Europe. As literacy  and schools spread in European countries, there  was a virtual reading mania. 

New forms of literature:

  •  In England, penny chapbooks were sold by petty peddlers known as  chapmen for a penny, so that even the poor people  could buy them easily.
  •  In France, 'Bibliotheque  Bleue' were printed, which were low-priced small  books printed on poor quality paper and bound in  cheap blue covers.  


  • The Periodical Press developed from  the early 18th century, combining information  about current affairs with entertainment, about wars and trade, as well as news of developments in other  places. Ideas of scientists and philosophers, such as–  Isaac Newton, Thomas Paine, Voltaire, Jean Jacques  Rousseau, etc. now became more accessible to the  common people. Ancient and medieval scientific  texts were compiled and published, and maps and  scientific diagrams were widely printed.
  • Thus, their  ideas about science, reason and rationality found  their way into popular literature.  

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