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Describe the impact of the Print Revolution in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. 

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Points to remember :

  • Cost of books was reduced, so they became accessible to all.
  • Popular ballads and folk tales were printed in local languages, so that they could be understood by all.
  • The lines between oral and printed knowledge blurred.
  • Martin Luther began challenging the church’s rituals and traditions,which led to protestant reformation.
  • Menocchio also reinterpreted the Bible’s message and challenged the church, for which he was hauled.

Answer to be written in exam :

Impact of the Print Revolution in Europe during  the 15th and 16th centuries:  

  1. As Printing came, the  cost of books reduced.   The time and labour required t o produce each of  the book came down, multiple copies could be  produced with greater ease.  
  2.  Books flooded the market,   Publishers started publishing popular ballad folk  tales with beautiful pictures and illustrations.  
  3. As print developed, popular poetry and folk tales began to be published in local languages. This reduced the gap between oral knowledge and printed knowledge .  Books could be more accessible for the common people.
  4. Print created the possibility of the wide circulation of ideas and introduced a new world of debate  and discussion.
  5.   Those who disagreed with established  authorities could now print and circulate their  ideas. e.g., Martin Luther was a German monk, professor and Church Reformer. He challenged  the Church to debate his ideas.
  6.   This led to division within the Church and the  beginning of the Protestant Reformation. 
  7.  Print and popular religious literature stimulated  many distinctive individual interpretations of faith  even among little-educated working people.  In the sixteenth century, Menocchio, a miller  in Italy, reinterpreted the message of the Bible  and formulated a view of God and Creation that  enraged the Roman Catholic Church.

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