Explain the measures and practices introduced by the French Revolutionaries to create a sense of collective identity amongst the French people.



Points to Remember

Practices adopted by French Revolution were - Teachoo.jpg

The measures and practices of French revolutionaries were

  1. The ideas of la patrie and le citoyen
  2. A new French flag was introduced
  3. The Estate general were elected
  4. Hymns were composed
  5. Centralized administrative system
  6. Abolition of I nternal custom duties and dues

Use any 3 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam

From the very beginning, the French revolutionaries introduced various measures and practices that could create a sense of collective identity amongst the French people.

  1. To create a notion of a united community enjoying equal rights the idea of la patrie ( the fatherland) and the idea of le citoyen ( the citizen) were given more importance.
  2. To replace the former royal standard which was prevailing in the society a new French flag, the tricolor was chosen .
  3. Before the revolution citizens were not having rights , however after the revolution the body of active citizens elected the Estates General .
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